Lately I´m full of desires. The desire to go and search for beautiful produce to cook with. The desire to learn more about cooking. I’m not just talking about learning different ways to cook but getting to know ingredients better. The desire to spend less time with my one of my other big loves; Television. I just turned it off so I can totally focus on my entry. BIG STEP!

I usually start my resolutions by breaking them immediately just te release the immense pressure. Maybe it’s an idea to just not make a resolution. Just see where everything ends up. See where the wind will take the ship.

One of the reasons I’m full of this desire is the fact that cooking doesn’t have to be the most difficult thing in the world. I’m always so intimidated with certain words. Because it’s sounds so familiar I automatically think it’ll be hard to make. And I’m not the only one because when I tell people that I just made gnocci, a tarte tatin or my own egg roles they always fall to the floor in awe. When honestly it isn’t that big a deal. Let’s lose some of the mystery of cooking and make it more accessible and normal!

What are some of the things I would like to learn or get to know better?

One of the things I’m getting interested in is; Jam, Jelly, Confiture, Marmelade or whatever word you want to use. I always thought I hated jam but since I found this wonderful fig jam by FiordiFrutta I’m hooked. Now I’m not saying I love all jams. I still don’t like citrus or orange but maybe it’s a learning curve. I remember that I made jam with a friend once when we were small. We made loads of blackberry jam. And I loved it! So this is one thing that will get explored.

Another widely used ingredient that I haven’t done a lot of is pasta. I only made it once and it wasn’t the biggest success. It’s weird to love cooking and not to have made a single excellent batch of pasta. Most of all because it is so easily made and widely recognized as one of the basics of eating. So pasta in shapes and forms. another focus for the following weekends.

One of the ingredients I like to get to know better is cabbage. I never thought cabbage was sexy but then I had these savoy cabbage rolls I loved. So maybe there is some more behind those green leaves.

The next one is on this list because I seem to be unable to perform this wondrous recipe.

POACHING an egg.

This I have tried. Unfortunately I had to stop trying since I was hungry and I had to eat something. So I just fried it. I’m missing a crucial step in my poachingapproach but I haven’t found the missing link yet. Look at that picture. That runny, silky yoke. It’s staring me mockingly in the face. grmbl next time yoke, next time!

I will keep you posted!

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