Veggie City: London!

Last summer we were in London for five days and although the weather wasn’t exactly in our favour (although it did deliver some great pictures) with a little preparation we discovered some really good restaurants and places:

The Gate

 This high-end totally vegetarian restaurant is bit of the beaten path (way of actually it’s kind of hard to find, go through the door with an arche and up the stairs on your right) but well worth the trip because it is a new level of the veggie restaurant experience. The starter which consisted of three different versions of stuffed artichoke has remained in my recipe book ever since! 

for more restaurants and markets…


This Soho restaurant has an expanded menu with options for all kinds of diets. And they also serve breakfast. Always a busy place so make sure you book in advance (we were really luck with our just-walk-in-and-hope-for-the-best-approach). They always have the burger of the day with sweet potatoes fries which we ordered and loved. go there!


We were kind of lost and decided to try this place. You hang out at the counter and choose a boxsize. Then choose your fillings from the different sections and get everything together in this box. We choose a wild ensemble of lasagna, a quinoa dish and some other toppings.The seating is limited and the food was part good and part plain cardboard (which a lot of Real Vegetarian places can’t seem to get rid of) which I hate. I am of the humble opinion that vegetarian food has nothing to do with cardboard! so this option is good on the go and the portions are as big as you like but not a favourite in my book.

The Markets

When in London, the markets are an excellent option to spend your day. I made a point of it since we visited four in total. Not all of them were food related but still a nice touristic acctivity none the less.

Camden market;

a big tourist trap, especially on weekends, but it has some good spots with nice clothing and jewellery. It’s a really busy more alternative market with loads of goth stuff and tattoo options. The food is divers and fine. It didn’t seize to amaze me how easy it is to get some vegetarian dish even in weird places like this. Jealous!

Borough Market:

Since I visited this place I wished we had something like this at home. So much choice, and wonderful organic produce. I grabbed a pot-pie while walking there which was full of flavour and an excellent lunch. I brought some fudge (which I absolutely lovelovelove) home with me, regular, coffee falvoured and one bag of sea salt fudge. The sea salt really enhances the sweet of the caramel and is a wonderful combination. The Burough market is an excellent visit even when it rains since it is housed in a big maze of covered marketplaces. Again, Jealous!

Spitalfields market

not so much an attraction frpm a food point of view but more for fashion. This market features young designers as well as the regular market clothing (once you visited two or more markets you start to recognise the clothing which is tourist focused). Again take a good look around and again if it’s raining an excellent place since it’s in a big market hall.

Portobello road Market

This long road if filled with vintage/second hand/flea market stuff followed by food and finished by again clothing form young designers and the stuff people. Again a tourist trap especially on Saturday but still something worth while.

London is a great town for vegetarians, loads of options that make me think about moving to England. Some other suggestions are:

40 Great Windmill Street, London W1D 7LY
cheap take out

11-13 Soho Street, W1D 3DJ, London
I haven’t been here but it looks great!

74 Wardour Street, Soho, London, W1F 0TE
sister restaurant of Vantra. again no idea but looks excellent

                                              I ♥ London!