Spring roll

I’m a very proud person today because for the first time I made my own spring roles. And they were good!! Again the process seems more intimidating than it in fact is.

Just slice everything you want in you role julienne or in very thin slices.

I used:

red onion



rice noodles (soaked in hot water with a 1/4 stock cube)

koriander leaves


You get the prepared ricepapers from your local chinese shop. After soaking the round clear sheets in warm water for about 10 seconds they are ready for use. they should be soft ploffy and impossible to keep apart. I use 2 sheets for 1 spring role because 1 easily tears. 

Finely chop everything in the list above and don’t make to much because you don’t need a lot per role. Put some of every ingredient in your double sheeted ricepaper. Use the noodles (add some soy sauce for the salt to it) as base and add the rest for flavour and structure. (see picture)

Fold in the sides, let them stick together. Fold the bottom half over your pile of   ingredients and role on to the top. Et Fini! Dip in some chili-sauce with limejuice and you’re good to go.