After achieving only one of my former desires proparly [I failed at making pasta and have not yet tried it again and poaching an egg will still be on the agenda] ; I’ve made about 12 different jams and since my cupboard is now full andIi have to start eating my new friends, I thought it was time to move on to some new desires, still keeping the old ones in mind though.

After conquering two other Asian recipes that seemed hard but really weren’t [spring rolls & tempura] it is now time for another Asian challenge:

  SUSHI! I love it even when there is no fish involved! But I have yet to make it on my own so this is one new objective; refreshing veggie sushi.

QUINOA! I’ve had it before and loved it but somehow I’ve never tried to make something with it at home. So that goes on the list; how to cook divers meals with quinoa. Ottolenghi probably has some ideas about it.

And one desire that isn’t so much about cooking as it is about making this cookingblog; getting a good camera and making pictures of excellent quality. This blog/tumblr world is full of beautiful pictures of everything and although my blog is more explanatory than most, it still needs some good pics to liven it up! So here is to more creativity!

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